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Why sleep on a yacht?

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December 21, 2016

Why sleep on a yacht?

Why sleep on a yacht or a boat?

Perhaps the question should be, why NOT sleep on a yacht?

A change from static hotel rooms: Staying on a yacht is a new, exciting experience!

Many of our clients stay in excellent hotels such as The Four Seasons Punta Mita and then switch to stay with us at Suite Marine for 1 or 2 nights to experience the yachting lifestyle and take advantage of the convenience that offers.

Others, having experienced the tranquility and relaxation that only the water can offer, prefer to stay on a yacht because it doesn’t sacrifice any of the luxuries.

Why? Well, in short, there’s nothing more luxurious than the yachting lifestyle. So, why NOT do both? Experience the comfort of a beautiful hotel in Puerto Vallarta and then sail out for the ultimate excitement on a Suite Marine yacht.

Let’s look at a few details:

Firstly, price and convenience…

If you compare staying in the Four Seasons Hotel for 4 nights the minimum is $4,500 up to as much as $10,000 or 4 nights.

At Suite Marine, there is no restriction on the number of nights. Book from 1 night to 1 month. You can stay on the yacht and take it out to sea whenever it suits you. At Suite Marine, we only charge you for the hours that you use the yacht motor and this includes the cost of the ships Captain.

For example, if you decide to try snorkeling off the beaches of the Marietas islands then you can hire the yacht’s motor for 4 hours, which costs just $900, with the added convenience of the yacht Captain taking care of all the planning and equipment for you.

When on holiday near the sea and beach, the sea air and water, the general experiences and excitement leads to an increased appetite and a great nights sleep.

Secondly, if you cannot find traditional accommodation in Puerto Vallarta…

The high season in Puerto Vallarta is from December to May with average temperatures below 30 degrees in the afternoons. The city is especially busy and most hotels and accommodations with be crowded and time-consuming to navigate. Renting a yacht with Suite Marine offers you privacy, exclusivity and an escape from the hustle and bustle of the crowds. Vallarta Marina is very central, very accessible and quiet.

Thirdly, the yachting lifestyle experience…

For many people, experiencing the yachting lifestyle is something they would like to try at least once, or to develop into a regular practice like with skiing or golfing.


Sleeping on the Sunseeker Predator for a night, or taking a trip to a local beach or island is the perfect adventure for couples or families.


With your yacht in paradise, you feel the power to go wherever you would like. There are no restrictions except for bad weather (and that doesn’t happen very often in Puerto Vallarta).


Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by mountains and rivers and The Bahía de Banderas. The best way to get close to the sea, in a safe way, is with a rented yacht. Swimming, snorkeling, diving into secluded spots, it’s a beautiful mysterious natural area with an abundance of nature to discover.


There are some places that only a private yacht rental can get to. Away from the charters and tourists, your personal yacht skipper will guide you to those perfect locations for exploration.

suite marine sunseeker predator 64



Worried about seasickness?

The truth is you can learn a few tricks that will help those who suffer from seasickness feel comfortable and have a great experience.

When sailing on the yacht the waves and motion might make you feel woozy. Here’s what you can do:

1. Get fresh air.

Breath deep and do some relation or meditation exercises. This usually helps to settle the internal balance system.

2. Keep the horizon in sight

As your body adjusts to the movement, it’s helpful to face forward on the boat and glance at the horizon.

3. Manage what you eat

Just be sensible and eat those safe foods that you know your body and handle.

4. Don’t use binoculars, cameras or read

Your brain usually considers these as stable and using them on board can make you dizzy.

5. Ask your doctor for motion sickness pills

If you are especially sensitive to motion sickness then taking a pill will solve the problem and allow you to enjoy the experience.

yacht adventures suite marine

When sleeping on a boat/yacht

For most, the sea air, beach activities and sun will make you hungry and tired by the end of the day. So, after you have eaten well then with just a little preparation of the following 4 things, we are positive you will have the perfect sleep on your yacht.

1. Check to see that the yacht is well anchored or moored.

This one you don’t have to worry about as our expert team and yacht Captain will definitely make sure this is done correctly, minimizing movement to assist sleep.

2. Wrap yourself in layers

Cool breezes can feel like a stark contrast to the heat of the day so multiple thin layers are always advised for maximum comfort.

3. Wear earplugs

The lapping of the gentle waves against the yacht might not be for everyone. Earplugs add that extra level of sensory control to assist good sleep.

4. Keep your normal bedtime routine.

Get yourself relaxed with a hot shower and cup of tea (or any drink from the bar) just in the same way as anywhere else. The Suite Marine yachts have all the necessary amenities.

sleep on a yacht suite marine

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