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Discover Puerto Vallarta Culture

April 6, 2019 by Justin

Traditional Huichol folk art

Let’s jump into discovering Puerto Vallarta culture by taking a look at the traditional Huichol folk art. It is very recognizable and unique and can be found throughout Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta culture

Local crafts

Local handicrafts and folk art of the region include sandals and huaraches, made with leather and the “Vallarta” style shoes, that are similar to moccasins. Manta (natural cotton cloth) dresses with hand embroidered Mexican motifs are very typical of the region. These are pictured below in a folk dancing event.

Puerto Vallarta culture

Traditional crafts from every part of México can be found here. Ceramic and pottery from Tlaquepaque, Tonalá and Oaxaca, jewelry from Taxco, blown glass, onyx and obsidian figures, paper maché dolls and heads and modern-day t-shirts with traditional designs.

Puerto Vallarta culture

Contemporary art

In our opinion, the best way to discover contemporary art in Puerto Vallarta is by taking the Art Walk. It’s also a great social event. It goes through about 12 different galleries close to the Romantic Zone and covers a wide variety of styles and tastes.

Street Art in Puerto Vallarta

PV Street Art is a website dedicated to documenting all the local art you will casually discover while walking around the city. Their Adopt A Mural Project provides various community service opportunities through beautifying neighborhoods with murals at the same time as highlighting global social and environmental concerns.

Puerto Vallarta street art

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