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September 13, 2018

5 best reasons to stay on a boat

Many clients stay in excellent hotels and then switch to stay on a Suite Marine boat for 1 or 2 nights. Others, having experienced the tranquility and relaxation that only the water can offer, prefer to stay on a boat because it doesn’t sacrifice any of the luxuries of the normal accommodations in the city.

So, why NOT try both? The following is our 5 best reasons to stay on a boat with Suite Marine

1. Luxury, convenience, exclusivity

Renting a boat or a yacht with Suite Marine offers you privacy, exclusivity and an escape from the noise of the crowds. Vallarta Marina is very central, very accessible and quiet.



2. Having a boat at your disposal screams “adventure”

At Suite Marine, when you choose to take the boat out, we only charge you for the hours that you use the motor and this includes the cost of the pilot.

For example, you decide to try snorkeling with the kids off the beaches of the Marietas islands. You hire the boat’s motor for 4 hours, which costs just $900, with the added convenience of the pilot taking care of all the planning and equipment for you.

puerto vallarta beaches

3. The boating lifestyle experience

Staying on a boat is a new, exciting experience! Clients call it the “X” factor that makes a great vacation unforgettable. Swap the screens for open skies and stars. Get some quality time with the family (the kids get their own cabin).

And rather than getting a room with a view, be in the view!

5 best reasons to stay on a boat


4. Price and best value

If you compare staying in the Four Seasons Hotel for 4 nights the minimum is $4,500 up to as much as $10,000 or 4 nights.

At Suite Marine, there is no restriction on the number of nights. Book from 1 night to 1 month. You can stay on the yacht and take it out to sea whenever it suits you.

Perhaps the question should be, why NOT sleep on a boat?


5. Independence, exploration, nature, and options

Independence because you choose the destination for island hopping, snorkeling or a sunset cruise.

Exploration because there is are some places that only a private boat can get you to.

Nature because Puerto Vallarta has the Bahía de Banderas on one side and the Sierra Madra mountain range on the other. These unique geographical characteristics provide a vast amount of options to get into nature.

Options and an eclectic mix of activities have a look at our guide 60 Awesome Puerto Vallarta activities for some ideas.

60 awesome activities puerto vallarta












Understandably, clients have questions about staying on a boat. Here are some questions we often get asked.


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